The scene was a standard one - two guys in their thirties, hacking through a round of golf and reminiscing about the competition and camaraderie of college drinking games. That buzzed shot of adrenaline that's equal parts skill, luck, and fun. The admittedly misguided yet undeniable sense of invincibility you enjoy from yelling "balls back" or "I'm heating up." The jubilation of high fives / chest bumps / back slaps with your partner after you drain the winner.
We swore right then to recreate those feelings. The 19th hole, stubby golf pencils and cocktail napkins were enough to get started, and soon Blockhead was born.
The first iterations of the game were pretty sketchy, due to our own highly questionable carpentry skills and the janky sliced up foam balls that we used for tossing. But over hundreds of test games we nailed down the simple but effective rules and had so much fun that we'd forget we were trying to start a business and just wanted to win the damn game. Our days of heated 1:00AM battles as the keg gets foamy may be in the rearview, but we can still sink that shot when we need to, thank you very much.
Fortunately, over the years we have also made huge improvements on the manufacturing side. The thoughtfully designed boards are of the highest quality, equivalent to that of serious cornhole boards and complemented by our proprietary tossing blocks that enhance all of the important aspects of Blockhead gameplay. It's the type of game you'll be proud to show up at the BBQ with, even if it brings you back to the days of cheap, beer soaked plastic tables and pounding 80's rock anthems.
So find a nice flat spot down by the water, choose your partner wisely, and load up those high fives. Winner stays.